How to start reaching your health goals through food and good body-self care habits!

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1. An understanding on WHY certain types of food combined with an unhealthy lifestyle can prevent us from healing.
2. A snaphot on what types of food to eat and avoid.
3. An 8 Pillars roadmap on how to start applying healthier habits.

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    The Reason We Have Poor Health

    How come we struggle with poor digestion? Will I end up taking medications for my chronic illness all my life? Will it always be that way? In this e-book, I explore the reasons why so many of us have poor health and explain how we can start improving our health long-term.

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    Food-Mood, Mind, Body Connection

    Nutritient deficiencies, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. are all factors that affects our health. This e-book addresses the particular issues and situations that affect our lives and our roles as being responsible to take back our health.

    My Personal Journey:
    Before, During, After

    It's impossible to write about healing without mentioning my own story. By sharing my journey, I hope to illustrate the reason why it is important to help bring awareness on these issues so that you can understand the WHY behind these issues and start to create change through the 8 Pillars of healing roadmap that I implemeted on myself.